Empowering you to feel, look and be your very best.

Don't let extra weight, sleeplessness, mood changes, stress, chronic health problems or hormonal fluctuations stop you from living a full, vibrant life. Let Reina Marino, M.D. be your medical coach and partner in helping you feel, look and be your very best! We value our patients and our priority is to provide personalized care to each and every one.
Reina Marino, M.D. believes in the concept of bio-individuality, that each person is unique and a set treatment plan may not work for all people. She will work with you to find the best plan of action for you - based on your individual situation and needs.

Reina Marino, M.D. specializes in programs for the following types of conditions:

Weight Loss Detox Diets Digestive Health

Weight loss, detox diets, digestive health

For men and women who want to lose weight, detox their diet and lifestyle, or finally resolve their digestive issues or food sensitivities


hormonal health

Hormone balancing and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

For men and women who who may be experiencing lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, low sex drive, hot flashes, weight gain, foggy thinking, irritability, aging skin, loss of muscle mass and bone density


personalized diet and lifestyle programs for prevention and management of chronic conditions

For men and women who have either a family history or personal history of early memory loss, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, gi distress, or cancer and want to know what they can do through diet, exercise, stress management and appropriate supplements, to improve and take charge of their health


Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopausal Women

We only use bio-identical hormones, which have the same chemical structure as the hormones you make in your body, and have been shown to have less health risks than synthetic hormones. We use the smallest doses that will provide relief of symptoms and we continue therapy for the shortest duration possible. All of our patients have estrogen metabolism testing, which tells us how an individual woman is processing estrogen in her body. If we find through testing that a woman is not getting rid of excess estrogen, or if she is making unhealthy estrogen metabolites, we can provide an individualized nutrient and lifestyle plan that will correct these imbalances and may help to lower the risk for potential health risks such as breast and ovarian cancer.



The hCG Diet


In addition, for those men and women who have "tried it all" and still can't seem to lose weight, I am happy to offer the hCG diet. Our experience over the years has shown that, when used under medical supervision and when modified to fit an individual patient's needs, the hCG diet helps decrease your appetite, specifically reduces the fat around your stomach and enables you to lose weight quickly and keep it off.


Praise for the hCG Diet

It was the absolute best thing that I have ever done for myself.
— Judy
This diet has worked - and the weight has stayed off.
— Marianne
It worked for me. I’m a believer!
— Donna

Bredesen Protocol for Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline and Memory Loss

The Bredesen Protocol is a diet and lifestyle program that has been shown to reverse cognitive decline and memory loss in early Alzheimer's patients. This program is also offered to patients without Alzheimer's that are concerned about preventing memory loss. I have partnered with researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen, the originator of this protocol and the author of the book, The End of Alzheimer's, to offer individually designed protocols for each patient based on their cognitive function, genetics, laboratory testing, medical history and lifestyle.


In Home Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultations


Do you want to lose weight or start eating in a healthy way, but find it hard to make time to see a doctor, nutritionist or weight loss counselor? Do you ever wish a health care professional would come to you? Wouldn't it be great if you could get one on one guidance, in your home, on what foods to buy and what plan to follow in order to drop extra pounds and feel and look your best? If you answered yes to any of the above questions and live in the Philadelphia area, Contact Dr Reina Marino to request a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to see if In Home Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultations are right for you!


Corporate Wellness Program


Dr. Marino gives the best of both the conventional medical and the alternative health worlds to your business and its employees. Reina Marino is a licensed, practicing MD, who combines traditional health expertise with engaging and effective integrative methods that offer a complete wellness experience. She will support your employees’ bodies, minds and spirits to help improve your company’s efficiency and performance and provide a renewed, inspired and more productive work environment.

  • Do you own or work for a company or corporation and are worried about the increasing burdens of health care costs?

  • Do you wish you could do something to increase employee productivity, decrease absenteeism and reduce the need for medical care?

  • Would you like to provide resources for your employees that will make them less stressed, have more energy and more motivated to live a healthy lifestyle?

Your solution is a corporate wellness program designed by Dr. Marino that can help you save money and retain good people by providing health education and lifestyle support for your employees.


Benefits to your employees include:

Improved overall health

Improved nutrition and healthier eating habits

Reduced stress and anxiety

Fewer food cravings

Increased energy and vitality

Increased daily satisfaction


Contact Dr. Marino to find out more about how she can support you and your company.

Corporate Wellness